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A proudly-independent Practice, able to give attention and time to furthering your ambitions and dreams...

We are rightly proud to have retained our independence in the current "merge-and-grow-big" culture. Independence means that we still have the ability to see our staff as individuals and to help them to develop - within themselves as well as in their contribution to our Practice. One is, after all, largely dependent upon the other.

Set in a beautiful part of the world, surrounded by hills and sea (and horses!), we have a lot to offer. We are excellent, progressive employers providing an environment of equal opportunity to progress the ambitions of vet and admin staff alike.

VETS have the chance to take themselves to their limit, with individual effort and input being recognised, supported and rewarded. Our equine section is strongly-supported by the whole practice, CPD is actively encouraged and vet-led equine meetings are well-organised, with much input from our support team to give a well-polished presentation on 'your' night. Your ideas will be taken on-board and you will be given support and encouragement to take them further. Ambitious vets looking for a career move providing independence and encouragement to 'go for it' can make the first move now by registering their interest in future Evolution opportunities here.

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ADMIN STAFF are important to us at Evolution - without you, our vets can't do their work and our clients do not receive the top-class Evolution service to which they have become accustomed. There is no 'us-and-them' separation within our Practice - we all work together with consideration and respect for each other's abilities, time-constraints and priorities. Your ideas and concerns are given importance: our admin section is run on systems put together by the people who have to work within its framework. If you want to work where your voice will be heard, the first step is to leave your details here

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Be One Step Ahead - let us know you are interested!

The escalation of our equine section has been rapid and it is possible that we will be looking for new staff (both vet and admin) even as you read this. The first place we look is in the list of people who have already registered an interest in working with us.

If you would like to be amongst the first to be considered for a position with us (usually before the position is advertised), please use the links above to send us your current CV. It will be held in a secure folder and, when a position arises, we will contact you to ask if you are still interested and to give you the opportunity to update your CV.


View our current vacancies