Offers on equine influenza vaccination

These information sheets are provided for your interest. They should not replace veterinary advice from your veterinary surgeon.

Whilst every effort is taken to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information provided, your specific circumstances must be discussed before advice can be given.

It is scary to hear these stories about horses getting influenza which is such an infectious disease. We want to help you get your horses protected, and keep them protected.

We have 2 offers to try to help with this unexpected extra cost:

  • For unvaccinated or lapsed horses, we will offer our vaccine amnesty prices: All 3 primary doses (paid for with the first dose) for £75.90. Remember, there are no visit fees for pre-booked appointments, so that is all you will pay.
  • For those requiring an extra dose because their last booster was 6-12 months ago, we have discounts for multiple horses at the same location, so if you can organise for others on your yard to be done at the same time, everyone will save. Please call during office hours (7am-5pm Mon-Fri) for more details. It is especially important for horses kept in multiple horse locations to be protected.

Call us during office hours to book your horses in: 01278 734 828. Offer open to new clients as well as existing clients.