Minor Elective Procedures

We commonly perform minor elective procedures such as castration, mass removal and 3rd eyelid removal. Depending on the situation we can offer these surgeries under either standing sedation or under general anaesthetic. For surgeries under general anaesthetic we provide two vets; one to maintain the anaesthetic whilst the other performs the surgery. This ensures that we provide high-quality focused veterinary care throughout the surgery.


We advise that castration can be performed on colts aged older than 6 months of age. As a colt gets older hormone changes and increasing maturity can lead to behaviour changes. Therefore, leaving castration until the colt is older can lead to stallion like behaviours that may persist even after castration. Increasing age also increases the likelihood of post-operative complications such as post-operative haemorrhage. If you would like to speak to a vet about castrating your colt then please call the office on 01278 734828.